Monday, March 28, 2016


2016 blog of Pittsburgh magician Al Mazing

( least the first quarter of the year!)

I started out by busking first night Pittsburgh with close up magic shows, but it still drew a large crowd (see picture)

2016 pittsburgh first night busker al mazing magician
busker al mazing magician crowd
I traveled to a national children's entertainer's convention in Washington, D.C. and took away some great ideas i'm excited to share with my audiences.
pittsburgh balloon artist al mazing
In this picture i'm trying to pass a kidney stone. I haven't called off "work" in 7 years (I had a valid reason - my son was born 5 weeks early!)
magician al mazing pittsburgh
This is just a picture of my larger stage show
magic show pittsburgh al mazing stage show
In a recent facebook magician's forum, one or 2 people argued that you can't do magic for 2 year olds. I have to disagree, while they lack 'object permance', they still love to be entertained! Here is a picture of 2-5 year olds at one of my shows.
preschool magic show pittsburgh al mazing
I seen this in the newspaper, and gosh, I always look scary.  The photographer is awesome, you just can't make this face look good, lol. So far this year has been a fun one. for more information about my magic shows, reach me through my website
al mazing magic show