Monday, July 15, 2013

Colonial Magic Show - Pittsburgh Magician Al Mazing

Ever wonder what entertainment was like 300 years ago in the early American Colonies? As someone who loves history and magic, I couldn't help but wonder myself - Little did I know, I would end up creating a fun family magic act that was educational and appealed to all ages.

In the early colonies in the 1700's, there was little in the way of entertainment.  During that time, there were traveling circuses, though, not the type we have they today.  The traveling circuses of that era consisted of showmanship of equestrian skills, singers, and yes, magicians. 

During that time there were about a dozen magicians in the country. The first American born magician was an African American named Richard Potter who had amazing skills as a ventriloquist and magician.

While some parts of the colonies which religon was dominate in their way of life (think Salem witch trials/burning at the stake), Magic was presented as education.  In other areas where religon wasn't so dominate, sleight of hand magic was presented for what it was. (Believe it or not, sometimes this still is the case today!).

I had the pleasure of taking parts of my time tested family magic show and present it to Depreciation Lands Museum

If you are not familiar with the museum, it is a wonderful colonial era in Allison Park, PA and HIGHLY recommend it. Not only is it a great museum, they also offer parties, special events, field trips, and even birthday parties.